Chemicals that improve the physical and chemical properties of concrete even when used in small quantities and added to the transmixer during the production or concrete pouring phase are Concrete Additive Chemicals. They are added to concrete to obtain various benefits such as water reducer, set retarder, set accelerator, providing water impermeability.


OneShot 84 Liquid Set Accelerator for Shotcrete OneShot 84 is a liquid set accelerator concrete admixture for shotcrete production. OneShot 84 Product Features It reduces

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Ana Sayfa OneShot AF 88 Set Accelerator Concrete Additive It is an alkali-free, very high set accelerating additive that improves early strength and is developed

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OneShot AF 78 Shotcrete Additive – Alkaline-Free It is an alkali-free, very high set accelerating concrete chemical admixture developed for wet and dry system shotcrete

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OneShot 83 Shotcrete Additives OneShot 83 is a liquid set accelerator concrete admixture for shotcrete production. OneShot 83 Product Features It reduces the risk of

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OneFlow 87 Concrete Admixture Chemical It has been specially designed for the ready mixed concrete industry to replace traditional polycarboxylate-based water-blocking and plasticizing additives. OneFlow

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Concrete Admixture Chemicals

Concrete Additives are added in very small amounts to a concrete mix mainly to improve the performance of concrete in solid and/or fresh state. It improves the waterproofing (corrosion resistance, sulphate resistance improvement, etc.) of concrete and improves its early strength by extending its workability time. By using FMY Kimya Concrete Additives, you will not only increase the performance of concrete in your construction works, but also leave a more livable world for future generations by reducing the use of water and cement for a sustainable environment.

Set Accelerators

In construction work, it shortens the setting time of fresh concrete, allowing concrete to solidify without damage in some applications such as shotcrete, early mold removal or cold-air castings.

Macro Fiber Reinforcements

Oneshot Fiber is a macrostructural synthetic fiber designed to improve the durability and mechanical properties of concrete, replacing steel wire and mesh products.

Shotcrete Additives

Unlike conventional poured concrete, shotcrete, which does not require molds, reaches its final state thanks to the additives added to it. With FMY Kimya Concrete Additive Chemicals; Achieve the desired result even in difficult conditions by improving many other properties of shotcrete such as reducing the risk of rebound and increasing its early strength