OneShot AF 88

Set Accelerator Concrete Additive

It is an alkali-free, very high set accelerating additive that improves early strength and is developed for wet and dry system shotcrete applications.

OneShot AF 88 Product Features

  • It does not contain alkali.
  • It is suitable for glass fiber shotcrete mixtures that may be adversely affected by the high alkaline environment.
  • Improves productivity in shotcrete applications due to its very short setting time and improved early strength properties.
  • It decreases the rebound rate in shotcrete applications.
  • It minimizes the ultimate strength loss.
  • It does not create profitability in surface and groundwater due to its alkali release.

OneShot AF 88's Sectors

Tunnel and Construction Applications

OneShot AF 88 webp 1

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