Micro fibers, which have the ability to absorb moisture, provide an internal curing effect by returning the moisture retained in the fibers during the fresh concrete stage to the concrete as it sets. Thus, it minimizes the formation of cracks due to heat and shrinkage and provides higher structural integrity.

Product Features

  • Fast reaction minimizes mold needs

  • Fast insertion speed

  • Low formaldehyde emissions during product reaction

  • Allows product injection and spraying techniques

  • Dual purpose system; layer injection and gap filling

  • Injection against water flow possible

  • High foam factor; lower product consumption


Tunnel and Construction Applications

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Frequently Asked Questions

– It is an alternative to mesh reinforcement for crack control.

– Increases the impact and abrasion resistance of concrete.

– Increases flexural strength of floor concrete.

– Does not corrode.

– It reduces the risk of cracks.

– Increases cohesion in fresh concrete, reduces bleeding (perspiration).

– Prevents the formation of cracks while they are still at the micro level, reducing their density.

Concrete, which starts to dry after concrete pouring, starts to shrink by losing water and moisture. Due to this shrinkage, cracks occur in the concrete by stretching. Polypropylene microfibres, which are homogeneously dispersed in the concrete, come into play at this point, reducing the stress in the concrete and preventing cracks. The use of micro synthetic fiber fibers prevents such problems in concrete.

Micro Synthetic Fiber is added directly into the transmixer in concrete plants or field operations at certain time intervals in accordance with the pre-calculated and determined dosage. After the entire dosage is added, it should be rotated in the mixer at high speed for 7-8 minutes and the fibers should be mixed homogeneously.


OneShot Micro Synthetic Fiber Reinforcements are shipped in packages with water-soluble properties. It is used in concrete batching plants by throwing it directly into the mixer.

Dosage is calculated according to the need and prepared for use after being packaged in the desired dimensions.