Inpulex H Plus

Two Component Polyurethane Injection Resin

It is a slow reacting, highly flexible two component polyurethane resin.

Inpulex H Plus Product Features

  • A slow-reacting, highly flexible two-component polyurethane resin.

  • It can be applied at ambient temperatures between 5 ° C and 35 ° C.

  • It can be used for injection hoses embedded in concrete structures.

  • Generally, the resin mixture is injected into a crack by tracing the holes.
    Two different techniques can be used for the application of Inpulex H Plus:

  • Single Component Application
    The resin components are carefully mixed in a 1:1 ratio by volume and injected with a one-component pump.

  • Two-Component Application
    The resin components can be applied individually in a 1:1 ratio by volume with a two-component pump.

Inpulex H Plus's Sectors

Mining Applications
Tunnel and Construction Applications

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Frequently Asked Questions

Slow reacting, highly flexible, two component polyurethane resin.

Some of the Features of Inpulex H Plus Two Component Polyurethane Resin are:

  • Slow reacting, highly flexible two-component polyurethane resin

  • Applicable at ambient temperatures between 5 °C and 35 °C

  • Can be used for injection hoses embedded in concrete structures.

The main usage areas of Inpulex H Plus Two Component Polyurethane Resin are:

  • Filling cracks and dilatation gaps in reinforced concrete structures

  • Filling cracks and gaps in brick or natural stone buildings,

  • In grouting for the purpose of permanent waterproofing in historical buildings,

  • Reinforcement works in reinforced concrete structures, column, beam and curtain cracks,

  • Used in hose systems (Cold Joints and Dilatations) embedded in concrete structures.

  • Two-component resins are used in floor improvement and insulation applications.

  • Due to the low tackiness of the resin components, it can be easily injected into cracks with a width of 0.1 mm and less.

  • The foaming process creates foaming pressure (auto injection) inside the layer. Thus, it increases strength by penetrating even the smallest cracks.

  • The other effect of the foaming process is the scarcity of material needed to fill the required volume.

  • The hardening time of resins is very short. Thus, it does not flow to places where it is not needed. This reduces the amount of material required for the job.

  • Fast-reacting; They are two-component, polyurethane injection systems with different swelling rates and strengths depending on the area of use, which become rigid foam after reaction.


After determining the area/areas with water leakage, grooves or pits, holes are drilled with a drill at an angle of 45 degrees to the crack. By cleaning the inside of the drilled holes with compressed air, the necessary environment for the assembly of the packers is provided. Material injection is provided to the relevant point by means of assembled packers and using a single component injection pump.


For detailed information, you can visit our Injection Chemicals page.

Inpulex H Plus, Component A consists of polyester polyols and additives. Inpulex H Plus, Component B is a modified isocyanate compound.

Packaging Information: Komp A – 20 kg / Komp B – 22 kg

Storage Conditions: 15 / 25°C

Shelf Life (at 20°C): 6 Months