OneShot AF 78

Shotcrete Additive - Alkaline-Free

It is an alkali-free, very high set accelerating concrete chemical admixture developed for wet and dry system shotcrete applications that improves early strength.

OneShot AF 78 Product Features

  • Thanks to its special design, it significantly shortens the setting time of the cement mixture and increases the speed of gaining strength. Thanks to these features, it is suitable for applications where a very short setting time and strength gain speed is required, such as shotcrete application.

  • Does not contain alkali.

  • It is suitable for glass fiber shotcrete mixes that may be adversely affected by a high alkaline environment.

  • Due to its very short setting time and improved early strength properties, it improves efficiency in shotcrete applications and shortens construction time.

  • It reduces the rebound rate in shotcrete applications.

  • It minimizes the ultimate strength loss.

  • It does not create pollution in surface and ground water due to alkali release.

  • It is compatible with super plasticizer additives required to provide the consistency suitable for spraying in shotcrete applications.

  • It improves the adherence strength of concrete to rock and old concrete surfaces.

  • It does not contain chloride or similar components that can cause corrosion.

OneShot AF 78's Sectors

Tunnel and Construction Applications

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