Two Component Silicate Based Resin

It is a fast-acting, non-expanding two-component silicate injection resin.
It can be used in fine cracks for stabilization in both dry and slightly moist layers.
It is a product that can be used easily in fortifications as it has a fast load carrying feature.

Insilex's Products Features

  • Sealing of loose and fine-grained layer formations against gas and water formation
  • Strengthening dry and naturally moist surfaces
  • Final strength after 15 minutes
  • Bond strength > 4 N/mm²
  • Non-foaming and elastic
  • non-flammable
  • Fast final strength even in thin layers compared to other resins

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Frequently Asked Questions

Insilex is a two-component silicate-based resin that reacts and expands strongly, does not burn, does not contain CFCs. It is produced to be applied to cracks wider than 0.20 mm thanks to its stabilization and low viscosity in slightly damp or dry layers.

By providing ground stabilization, it prevents the formation of dents in the production legs.

  • Thanks to its low viscosity, it goes up to the thinnest cracks (0.1mm).

  • It reaches high adhesion strength after 15 minutes.

  • Provides ease of progress on production boards.

  • Effective in the safety of life and property during the dismantling of panels.

  • Price with 100% Domestic Goods Certificate has the advantage.


Main application areas of Insilex Two Component Silicate Injection Resin:

  • Filling gaps and dents,

  • In ground stabilization,

  • In water isolation and protection of the floor from the surface,

  • In stopping pressurized water revenues with a quick reaction,

  • Consolidation of dry and naturally moist surfaces,

  • Repair of mine roads,

  • Sealing loose and fine-grained layer formations against gas and water formation,

  • It is used in spraying applications with injection.

Insilex Component A is a special modified water glass compound.

Insilex Component B is an isocyanate compound.

Insilex is fire resistant.

Is Insilex Two Component Silicate Injection Resin Suitable for Use in Aqueous Environments?

– It is absolutely not used as a “FILLING” material in coal mines !

– It is used as “FILLING” material in other mines & tunneling.

– Non-Flammable

Packaging Information: Komp A. – 35kg / Komp B. – 27kg

Storage Conditions: 15/25C

Shelf Life: 6 Months